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Your Best Financial Year: Vision Board

Launch into the new year as your best self!

Join us on an energetic and interactive workshop, where we will set our financial intentions for 2019.

We will begin our night while enjoying a heart warming coffee drink and a mix and mingle during the first 30 minutes.

We'll start promptly at 6:30 PM with a discussion of our goals for 2019, what that means to you, and the actions to take to work on them on a daily basis, in a SMART way.

We will then work on our boards, "arts and crafts" style, or if you are not that artsy, we can show you how to make a digital one! Either way join us... It will be an experience!

We will end the night with 20 Money Mantras that will help you stay focused, realize your worth, and begin practicing the steps of a new money mindset change.